Set your organization’s information and communication in one place

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100% employee reach

Traditional enterprise communication solutions and software are made for office workers. This widens the communication gap between white-collar and blue&pink-collar workers. Still, 60% of workers in industrialized countries are non-desk workers.

Some organizations are happy to reach only 20% of their employees with an Enterprise Social Network. Our solution will reach 100% of the employees – only the phone number of an employee is needed.

eeedo for large corporate communication enables true reach of the entire organization with critical information like up-to-date information on campaigns. At the same time, it’s possible to collect feedback and share best ideas and practices among the locations. The solution was awarded at SAP FINUG 2016. Read more>

Clarity for crisis management and crisis communication

Powerful and safe way to manage corporate crisis anytime anywhere and using any device. Only the relevant information for the user is displayed to secure an efficient solution for the crisis.

Manage internal and external communication, situation report deliveries and task management for the crisis team. After the crisis situation analyze the process using the same easy-to-use tool.

The crisis situation can be started automatically e.g. from a fire alarm. eeedo activates the crisis team using automated phone calls, 2-way SMS, mobile apps and web service. Read more>

Clean interfaced tailored solutions

Solve multidimensional task, information and communication challenges using our interactive mobile and web service. eeedo platform is used e.g. in lean-managed daily maintenance, fleet management and other task management and in handling automated customer service tickets.

The service enables employee role based easy to use views for personally relevant information. The views and look and feel are easy to tailor. eeedo is easily integrated into other services. The successful delivery of information is secured by mobile notifications, 2-way text messages, automated phone calls and email. Read more>

Why our customers love us

The Ministry of Environment used eeedo to increases interaction in the regional structure and project ALLI between the network of experts. The project combined the Ministry universities and regional experts and agencies using eeedo enterprise social platform. For the Ministry there was great importance in the easiness of publishing new information and in increasing social interaction in the project.  At the same time the security, data retention and trustworthy backup were important. eeedo’s the strengths in the project were the ease and speed of deployment. The project team was able to start operation immediately after the decision.

Set your organization’s information and communication in one place

Contact us and we'll send you more detailed information on our solutions