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Stay up to date everywhere with eeedo mobile app

Keep abreast of the latest project changes anywhere you go with the eeedo mobile app. Not only does it keep your organization always within reach, but eeedo’s mobile push notifications and SMSs also put your critical information and messages in front of the right people.

Find everything instantly

Find everything you need instantly through eeedo’s tag cloud and search capabilities. These features allow you to browse the intranet content from your selected topics and tags or combine tags with powerful search features to quickly locate the information you want. Our search capabilities can locate your material even if it is buried in file attachments and pictures.

Utilize smart team task management

Manage your team as easily as you manage your information with eeedo smart team task management

  • Organize tasks by labeling them with tags and topics. For example, by project, by customer, by people.
  • Stay on top of the to-do list by seeing the whole organization’s tasks in a single view.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating overlapping work.
  • Easily edit, comment on, and follow up on tasks that are important to you, even while you are on the road.

Why our customers love us

The Ministry of Environment used eeedo to increases interaction in the regional structure and project ALLI between the network of experts. The project combined the Ministry universities and regional experts and agencies using eeedo enterprise social platform. For the Ministry there was great importance in the easiness of publishing new information and in increasing social interaction in the project.  At the same time the security, data retention and trustworthy backup were important. eeedo’s the strengths in the project were the ease and speed of deployment. The project team was able to start operation immediately after the decision.

Set your organization’s information and communication in one place

Try it now, free for 30 days