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Engage Your Employees

Our solution offers a fast and effective tools to engage all your employees. Collect & share feedback and ideas organization-wide. The crowdsourcing and gamification of the feedback process reduce administrative work, saves money and allows good ideas & tips to spread company-wide.


Encourage your employees to share their tips by introducing leaderboards, employee affiliate programs and competitions. When your employees have a real incentive to share your content, the are happy to do so.

Enable Large-Scale Employee Advocacy and Social Selling in your organization

You can also use our solution to enable employee advocacy and social selling. For instance, share your best content first with your employees and encourage them to share it on their social media accounts. Your employees combined social media reach is a lot bigger than your brand’s, and your message will have more credibility through their social media accounts.

For example, the average organic reach of a Facebook page posts can be as low as 2%. On the other hand, a share by a Facebook user reaches 35% of his/hers friends on average. According to Nielsen, people trust more recommendations by their friends than any other form of advertising.

12% increase in brand advocacy doubles revenue growth, according to a study by the National Business Research Institute.

Communicate faster and precisely

Bypass the line & shop managers and communicate and connect directly with all employees. Our information model allows us to model even the most complicated organizations. For example, You can direct your communications based on a product, location, skill or project, combination of these or any other variable.

Reach your employees with bidirectional SMSs messages with a login-link to your branded website/web app where your employees can share work-related tips, read company news, share your marketing content on their social media accounts and more.

Be data-driven and deploy your favourite analytics tools. You can use the same analytics tools you use on your website: For example, Flurry, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics or Piwik. Our API allows integrations with your intranet, CRM, ERP and other systems.

Reach 100% of your employees

Internal communication in retail chains and other large organizations is often a complicated process. Our solution aims to simplify and streamline it. Direct two-way communication is the core of our product, and it is the best base to build on your employee advocacy and social selling programs.
Our data model allows our solution to model even the most complex multi-dimensional organizations with many different brands and departments.

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Why our customers love us

The Ministry of Environment used eeedo to increases interaction in the regional structure and project ALLI between the network of experts. The project combined the Ministry universities and regional experts and agencies using eeedo enterprise social platform. For the Ministry there was great importance in the easiness of publishing new information and in increasing social interaction in the project.  At the same time the security, data retention and trustworthy backup were important. eeedo’s the strengths in the project were the ease and speed of deployment. The project team was able to start operation immediately after the decision.

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