Social Intranet and Social Extranet Solution

Boost employee engagement and collaboration in your organziation with eeedo intranet & extranet solution

The main view of the user interface

Concentrate your organization’s communication, information, knowledge, and files in one place through eeedo’s social intranet & extranet platforms. Communication among different departments and branches is fast and secure regardless of their geographic locations. Everything you upload to the intranet is tagged with relevant keywords so that they will go to the right users.

Once the information is uploaded, you can find the files and information you need by utilizing the tag cloud and powerful search capabilities. You can also use eeedo as a hub for everything that happens in your organization by centralizing your customer support, marketing, sales, and HR operations in the system. This also makes it easier to promote employee engagement activities in your organization.

Once everything is transparent and indexed with tags, it is easy to avoid overlapping work, because everyone on the team can easily see the status of each project and task. In addition, eeedo’s social intranet platform is a powerful tool for the orientation of new employees. Because eeedo’s user interface resembles the most popular social networks, company-wide implementation is very easy and requires little support.

Social intranet and social extranet solution features:

  • Fast, secure communication among departments and branches
  • Keyword tagging
  • Centralized customer support, marketing, sales, and HR operations
  • User interface similar to popular social networks
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