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    simple & effective solutions for internal communication, task management, customer service and employee advocacy.

Powerful solutions for

100% Employee Reach

Reach ALL your employees including the non-office staff, and deploy organization-wide employee advocacy & social selling.

Crisis Communication & Management

Effective crisis communication & management in crises of all size. Ensure business continuity and stay on top of situations and tasks.

Vehicle & Fleet Maintenance Management Solution

Keep track of maintenance information of your vehicles, rolling stock and other equipment and machinery with our cloud-based fleet maintenance solution.

Customer Service and Customer Complaint Management

Manage lean customer service & claims effectively.

Organization-wide Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Solution

Large-scale employee advocacy and social selling solution to enable ALL your employees’ participation in employee advocacy.

Social Intranet and Social Extranet Solution

Employ the benefits of cross-departmental collaboration.

100% Employee Reach

Engaging way to reach ALL your employees, enable organisation-wide employee advocacy & social selling, and collect employee feedback & tacit knowledge.

Traditional internal communication software (e.g. intranets) are made for office employees. Still, 60% of all workers in industrialized countries are non-desk workers.

Our solutions are built to reach the whole staff.

eeedo's 100% employee reach communication solution

Clarity for Crisis Management and Crisis Communication

Powerful and safe way to manage corporate crisis anytime anywhere on any device. Only the relevant information for the user is displayed to secure an efficient solution for the crisis.

Manage internal and external communication, situation report deliveries and task management for the crisis team and whole organization.

Robust Customer Service Solutions

Handle customer service tickets & customer complaints effectively with our solution. Take in cases from email, your website and social media. When additional input is needed, your customer service agents can forward tasks to the correct person in your organization. Our cloud-based software will help you to provide better & faster customer service.

Handle multidimensional claim & reclamation processes with ease. Incoming claim can trigger tasks for different departments. For example, it can make separate tasks for quality and production for further inspection.

omnichannel customer service on tablet

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Our customers include

The Ministry of Environment logoThe Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland logoOnniBus.com logoManhattan Residential Group logo
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland combines Finnish transport research organizations, and researcher funders. With eeedo the group increased productivity and time and place independency.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland
"Our eee.do intranet is already one of the most important parts of our business. Our internal communication has increased and as an owner, I can relay messages to my outside sales team easily and quickly. The tasks and the ability to assign them and see progress is really helpful. The phone app is the icing on the cake. Just great. Thanks!"
Stefany BlountManhattan Residential Group
OnniBus.com uses eeedo to boost internal communication within the growing bus network. With eeedo, everyone in the organization knows the current status of all projects and what should still be done.