Modern fleet management blog article

Modern Fleet Maintenance Management – How to improve fleet management?

Pen & Paper, Microsoft Excel or Fleet Management System? Fleet managers and other personnel who manage organization’s vehicles and other assets know how difficult it is to keep up with the status of the fleet. Less than ten vehicles are … Continue Reading

Picture from Slush100 Finals 2017

eeedo in Slush 100 Pitching Competition

Picture: Petri Anttila / Slush. eeedo was chosen to participate in the Slush 100 Pitching Competition. The best 100 startups, including eeedo, will compete in front of the judges and a live audience in the pre-qualification rounds on 3rd of … Continue Reading

How to communicate with non desk staff

Closing the Communication Gap – How to Reach 100% of Your Employees

The answer to the question is: you meet them in person. However, is it a reasonable action to take for most companies? For a small organizations it is, but for a wide-spread organization with hundreds or thousands of employees, it … Continue Reading

Internal Communication Canvas. Template for internal communication plan.

Internal Communication Canvas – A Tool to Create Your Internal Communication Plan

We created the Internal Communication Canvas to help communication professionals measure and evaluate their internal communication strategy and practices. The Internal Communication Canvas is based on Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas and transformed to the needs of internal communication experts. … Continue Reading

Top 5 Reasons for SMEs to Go the Cloud

TOP 5 Reasons for SMEs to Go to the Cloud

Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index of 2015 shows that companies which are implementing technologies like big data, cloud mobility and security are growing 50% faster than companies who neglect these opportunities. Most large businesses and organizations successfully run their own … Continue Reading

Omnichannel Internal Communication

How to Bring Omnichannel Experience to Internal Communication?

In our previous blog post, I introduced you to the concept of omnichannel internal communication. As you probably have noticed, omnichannel has been a top buzzword in e-commerce for several years. It might be difficult to find an e-commerce consultation … Continue Reading

Top Five Employee Engagement Trends

Top Employee Engagement Trends

Employee engagement is becoming more important year after year. Employee engagement has slowly made its way from the Silicon Valley tech unicorns to even most conservative organizations around the world. There are many activities, best practices, and ideas to push … Continue Reading

A desk with laptops and computers

The IT Department has an Enormous Role in Employee Orientation and Onboarding

The onboarding of new employees can be a time-consuming process. New employees have their unique personalities and needs, but most of the mundane IT and administrative task concerning new employees are the same despite the employees upcoming role in the … Continue Reading

Shopping centre

The Best Way to Improve Internal Communication in Store Chains

Oliver works part-time in a small retail chain store next to his university. He works mainly during weekends and evenings. Like most of us, Oliver doesn’t really think about work during his spare time. He regularly checks his work schedule … Continue Reading

Chair in a noffice

Five easy ways to manage your daily work tasks

“More or less under control,” that’s how my friend described his work habits. Maybe that is how you would describe your work habits too. Files and information scattered all over the place: On your desktop, in your Dropbox folder, email, … Continue Reading