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    eeedo enterprise social network boosts your organization’s collaboration, information flow and productivity. eeedo combines scattered information, people and activities into dynamic, context driven social intranet from the cloud.

This is how we do it

Beat information overload

All information, files and tasks are organized around their topic in eeedo. You can control your preference of topics in your interest. eeedo changes information flow from sender based to receiver based sharing and you won’t lose any valuable information

Reduce overlapping work

Time is no longer wasted in repeatedly doing the same work over and over again several times in different places. Open, content centric easy method to find and sort information increases your productivity to a new level.

Knock down information barriers

The information, files and tasks are linked through an easy-to-use service where information is truly findable for anyone in your organization. Have easy access to all files, messages and tasks.

True collaboration for the whole organization

Know what your colleagues know, do and can. eeedo makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to network and for individuals to promote their knowhow. All content can be easily commented and rated which creates a true collaborative environment.

Sell more by better knowledge on your offering

More powerful information exchange empowers your organization to fully understand your full offering. By better knowledge on your products you are able to sell a more wide range of products to your customers.

Create a transparent organization culture

Control the flood of information with the intelligence of eeedo. No single piece of information is too small to be published as only the people needing the information will receive it. Open corporate culture enhances the comfort and atmosphere and improves work.

Recognize people’s strengths

Let the stars shine. In eeedo everyone works and communicates using their own name. Everyone gets the credit they deserve when creating something awesome.

Simplify finding the right information, people and documents

You will always find the right information at the right time using the smart real-time search functionalities and active smart tag cloud.

Addictive tool for work

Create the same interest and enthusiasm for your organization on sharing and discovering in work as they have when facebooking their personal lives!

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