• Customer Service Management and Customer Service Ticketing Software

    eeedo desk customer service software allows your customer service agents to help your customers in any channel. eeedo desk is suitable for call center companies as well as for in-house customer service teams.

True Omnichannel Customer Service Software

It is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire new customer than retain your current one. eeedo customer service solution helps you to provide the best possible customer experience. Our solution works as an easy to use task/ticket management solution for back-office customer service agents.

No Customer Left Behind

To provide omnichannel customer service you need to be there where your customers are. Typically, businesses hear from only 4% of dissatisfied customers. Luckily social media has lowered the bar of contacting companies. Our solution allows you to answer customer inquiries on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Modern Customer Service Channels

eeedo desk customer service software allows you to handle customer inquiries from your phone system (for example, Centile Istra or Mitel Telepo), SMS, chat, social media, and webforms. We also offer the possibility to import contacts from extranet, e-commerce platform or company’s own mobile app.

eeedo supports following contact channels:

  • Phone systems (e.g., Centile Istra, Elisa Ring or Elisa OC)
  • Chat software (e.g., Elisa Chat or Giosg)
  • Social media (for example, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)
  • Custom contact channels via our API
omnichannel customer service solution on a laptop

Solve More Cases

When additional input to solve the case is needed from other employees, we create a trackable task for that person. The question can be forwarded via email, bi-directional SMS or mobile app. The person whom this task is delegated can reply directly to the email or SMS, and the customer service agent will receive the answer to the system.


eeedo self service module

eeedo desk self service module allows you to create help pages, guides, and FAQs to support your customers 24/7 and help customer service agents to solve your customers’ pain points more effectively. Customer service agents can guide customers to the right help page via email, SMS, chat, and social media. Analytics and search statistics help you to continuously improve your help materials. If issues with your product or service suddenly emerge, our self-help module allows your customer service agents to react in a snap by editing and adding new help articles.

Uses cases for eeedo self service module are, for example, self service portal for customers, business partners, contractors and more.

Integrations to Support Your Business Goals

Our platform can be integrated with your current CRM, customer loyalty software, email and call center software (e.g. Centile ISTRA, Elisa Ring, Elisa OC). This allows your customer service agents to have one dashboard view for all relevant customer information to provide top-notch customer service.

eeedo searchable desk self help portal front page

Faster Response Times

Our customer service software comes with a built-in answer templates for your most asked questions. This makes your customer service agents’ job easier and saves time. Your agents can personalize every reply before sending and discuss cases internally before answering the customer.

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Suitable for in-house customer service teams as well as for call center companies

The eeedo customer service management software is suitable for call center companies as well as for in-house customer service teams. Our customer service system helps you to manage customer service ticketing and ensures that support requests will always be answered by the right person.

Answering inquiries and questions is easy with the eeedo customer service system. You can research the answers to inquiries by clicking the tags in the tag cloud, by using the search features, or by using the directory to contact the people who have the answers. When you are ready to respond, the service also allows you to handle email requests directly through the system for faster replies. These faster, more accurate responses through eeedo will result in a better customer service experience and happier customers.

eeedo's customer service software open ticket view

Customer service software features

  • Streamlined customer service process tailored to your needs.
  • Powerful, real-time search capabilities.
  • Smart tagging and smart filtering of information.
  • E-mail, website form and social media requests through the system.
  • Integrations to call center software (For example, Elisa Ring and Centile Istra).
  • Two-way SMS.
  • Statistics and metrics to help you improve your customer experience.
  • Self-service module for building help & guide portals.
eeedo searchable desk self help portal front page

Our customers include

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