eeedo in Slush 100 Pitching Competition

Picture from Slush100 Finals 2017

Picture: Petri Anttila / Slush.

eeedo was chosen to participate in the Slush 100 Pitching Competition. The best 100 startups, including eeedo, will compete in front of the judges and a live audience in the pre-qualification rounds on 3rd of December. The pre-qualification is held at Korjaamo (Töölönkatu 51a, 00250 Helsinki, Finland).

We will also have a booth on Tuesday 4th of December at Slush. If you happen to be in Slush on Tuesday, come say hi and chat about fleet management and customer service.

eeedo is a Finnish startup company which develops cloud-based software solutions to fleet maintenance management, customers service, and task management. For instance, the largest Finnish inter-city bus operator uses eeedo to boost its organization, manage its fleet and enhance its customer service. Other customers include Finnish companies operating trucks, lorries, and railway maintenance machinery. eeedo’s fleet maintenance solution helps companies to be more cost efficient by decreasing maintenance time and costs.