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    Bring benefits of social media into work with eeedo enterprise social networking platform. Manage tasks with built-in Kanban boards and delegate tasks to individual employees or teams. Find the right persons in your organization based on their skills, location or role.

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Break Down the Information Barriers

The enterprise social network through eeedo helps you to share information among different departments and branches. Files, messages, and polls are tagged with relevant keywords so that they will be shown to the right users. The tag cloud and powerful search helps you to find the most relevant files and information. This organization-wide transparency and tagging system reduces overlapping work.

eeedo's social intranet mobile apllication

Better Employee Engagement with Collaboration

Deciding how to manage tasks will become easier as you utilize eeedo’s social software to organize and clarify the status of all of your projects. Because eeedo’s user interface is designed to be similar to the most popular social networks, it is very easy to integrate the eeedo enterprise social platform into your organization to create a culture of employee engagement, with a more collaborative and communicative environment.

eeedo's social intranet main newsfeed

Enterprise Social Network Features:

  • Powerful, real-time search capabilities.
  • Smart tagging and smart filtering of information.
  • Keyword tagging.
  • User interface similar to popular social networks.
  • Mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.
  • Push important notifications via mobile apps and two-way SMSs.
  • Kanban boards for team task management.
  • Built-in project management, light CRM, and Employee Directory.
eeedo social intranet's built-in team task management Kanban view

100% Employee Reach

Our Enterprise Social Network will also reach all your non-office workers. Other enterprise communication solutions are often built only for the desk workers.

eeedo's 100% employee reach communication solution

Our customers include

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