• Fleet Maintenance Software

    Keep track of maintenance information of your fleet, vehicles and other equipment and machinery with our cloud-based fleet maintenance solution.

Fleet Maintenance Tasks Under Control

  • Manage fleet maintenance tasks and pre-drive checks with easy-to-use customizable forms. Forms can be used with mobile devices, laptops and on-board computers.
  • Improves communication and information flow between drivers, operators, management and maintenance. Everyone knows the current status of a vehicle, reported defects, and what maintenance operations are done and already planned for the future.
  • Forms and workflows are customized to match your processes and fleet.
  • Analytics and statistics to help track vehicle condition and efficiency.
  • Cloud-based software – no need for your own server infrastructure.
Vehicle pre-drive checklist

Custom Forms and Workflows to Match Your Maintenane and Management Processes

eeedo digitalizes fleet maintenance management and visualizes relevant information for the employees. Vehicle operators and drivers can easily check the current status of the vehicle, what defects have been reported, and what maintenance operations have been planned.

  • eeedo improves information flow between the drivers and maintenance.
  • Manage fleet maintenance queue and call vehicles to service automatically when certain a defect is reported.
Pre-drive check software as a service

Reduce Waiting Times in Maintenance and Improve Efficiency

eeedo is a self-explanatory and systematic tool for reporting, tracking and developing fleet usage in organizations.

  • Clear and rigorous reporting on defects, deficiencies, near miss incidents, work accidents, and other observations.
  • Can be used with bi-directional SMSs & MMSs, multi-OS mobile applications and in a browser with a computer.
  • Defects and deficiencies reported by drivers & operators are automatically sent to maintenance task lists based on the priority of the vehicle and seriousness of the defect.
  • Maintenance staff can ask for more information directly from the operator who reported the problem.
  • Every step is logged for later analysis to help improve the process.
Locomotive maintenance SMS notification
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