• Information & Task Management Solution for Manufacturing

    Information needed in manufacturing environment based on workstations, employee roles, and machines.

Lean and 5S Checklists

  • Manage Lean and 5S operations (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) with mobile phones, tablet computers, and computers.
  • Choose different checks for beginning or ending of a work shift, and deploy weekly checklists.
  • Allows robust delivery of information between shifts.
  • All checks are customized to fit your processes.
  • Be data-driven with our insightful analytics and statistics, and find new development areas and increase efficiency.
5S checklist in mobile view

Reach ALL Manufacturing Employees

eeedo brings the best manufacturing meeting practices to the digital age and visualizes relevant information and messages for the production staff.

  • Inform your employees directly to their work or personal phones with bidirectional SMSs.
  • Bring down the information barriers between production and other departments.
  • Enables fast & precise communication in crises other exceptional situations.
  • Use our shift substitute feature to find substitute employees in case of a sick leave.
eeedo's solution for reaching the whole manufacturing staff

Collect Work Safety Observations

Our solution enables easy and systematic collection of safety observations, which allows rigorous tracking and development of work safety.

  • Self-explanatory way to report safety observations, near miss situations, work accidents, and other similar observations.
  • Collecting safety observations with multimedia messages (MMS) with video and photo attachments, text messages (SMS), multi-OS mobile applications, and website/intranet forms.
  • Incoming safety observations are automatically delivered to the correct persons in the organization based on location and department.
  • An employee who made the safety observation can see the status of his/hers observation and can receive feedback and thanks.
  • Every step of the process is logged, which allows the further development of the work safety operations.
  • Allows the organization to systemically develop and operate by OHSAS 18001 and 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Standard.
eeedo's robust solution for collecting work safety observations via SMSs

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