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    simple & effective solutions for internal communication, task management, customer service and employee advocacy.

Customer Complaint Management System

Our complaint management software helps you to provide top-notch customer service to your customers. Receive tickets via email, web forms, and more.

Custom Intranet with Multi-OS Mobile Applications

We help you to build cost-effective custom intranet solution for your organization.

Enterprise Social Network

eeedo enterprise social network helps you to share information among different departments and branches. Our solution also reaches the non-office staff.

Information & Task Management Solution for Manufacturing

Lean and 5S checklists for workstations, machines and production lines.

Internal Communication Solution for Restaurant & Store Chains, and Franchises

Simplify retail chain & franchise internal communication.

Marketing Management System

eeedo’s marketing management system helps you to visualize and manage your marketing efforts and campaigns.

Organization-wide Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Solution

Large-scale employee advocacy and social selling solution to enable ALL your employees’ participation in employee advocacy.

Reach 100% of Your Employees

Reach ALL your employees including the non-office staff, and deploy organization-wide employee advocacy & social selling.

Shift Management and Shift Substitute Management

Find the right substitute employees to fill in. Communicate with two-way SMSs and email.

Smart Project Management

eeedo project management software offers an array of smart & agile project management tools designed for companies, research groups, and other organizations.

Smart User Account Creation Form for IT & HR

Manage Active Directory user accounts with eeedo’s smart user creation form. Create accounts to HR & payroll systems, intranets and email.

Social Intranet and Social Extranet Solution

Employ the benefits of cross-departmental collaboration.

Visual Team Task Management

See everything that is going on with your project through eeedo’s visual team task management tools.

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Our customers include

The Ministry of Environment logoThe Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland logoOnniBus.com logoManhattan Residential Group logo
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland combines Finnish transport research organizations, and researcher funders. With eeedo the group increased productivity and time and place independency.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland
"Our eee.do intranet is already one of the most important parts of our business. Our internal communication has increased and as an owner, I can relay messages to my outside sales team easily and quickly. The tasks and the ability to assign them and see progress is really helpful. The phone app is the icing on the cake. Just great. Thanks!"
Stefany BlountManhattan Residential Group
OnniBus.com uses eeedo to boost internal communication within the growing bus network. With eeedo, everyone in the organization knows the current status of all projects and what should still be done.