• Visual Marketing Management System

    eeedo’s marketing management system helps you to visualize and manage your marketing efforts and campaigns. Categorize your campaigns by channel, target group, product and date. Facebook Pages, Twitter and Slack integrations will help you to share ideas and best practices between marketing teams.

Manage All Your Marketing Campaigns and Efforts in One Place

The marketing management system through eeedo helps you to manage all of your campaigns and marketing events. Through this marketing management tool, you can develop your marketing materials and share them with the rest of your organization.

This system allows you to keep your materials up to date and ensures that everyone in the organization is using the most recent material. For multinational organizations, our solution allows seamless sharing of their marketing campaigns and social media updates.

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Simplify Marketing with Cross-departmental Collaboration

eeedo’s marketing management system allows you to stay on top of what other teams, departments, and offices are planning by allowing you to access their work through the tag cloud and powerful search functions. By collaborating, innovating, and sharing ideas throughout the organization, your efforts become more efficient, and you are able to structure your marketing campaigns in such a way that no overlapping events occur.

The eeedo marketing management system allows you to see how your campaigns are scheduled, where the campaigns are taking place, and who is in charge of them. With relevant information and the most recent marketing material always at your disposal, you will be able to conduct larger campaigns more creatively and effectively than ever before. You can also invite external users like marketing agencies, freelancers and designers with a limited visibility.

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Utilize Large-scale Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

Your employees’ social media reach is an asset which has enormous potential to improve your brand image, social media reach, and SEO.

By utilizing large-scale employee advocacy and social selling in your organization, you can reach massive audiences through your employees’ social media channels.

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