Towards lean value-driven internal communication – Online course

Internal Communication Canvas template

Internal communication online courses designed for communication professionals.

Our internal communication online course is designed for communication teams who would like to improve their overall efficiency and bring more value to the organization.

The course starts with guided session with our internal communication expert who will help you to go through and evaluate your internal communication practices using our internal communication canvas and other innovative tools.

The schedule for the course is very flexible. It consists three lessons and modules per week. Once a week, you will have a one-hour live online session with one of our internal communication experts. This session will keep your team moving on and also bring often much needed outside perspective for your team. Your team can contact our experts throughout the course anytime via the course platform, email and requested video calls.

An example of a course schedule for a one-week online course.

Online exercises 30 minOnline exercises 30 minOnline exercises 30 minOnline exercises 30 minVideo call session with eeedo internal communication expert


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