• Organization-wide Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Solution

    Make it possible for all your employees to take part in employee advocacy and social selling activities. Your employees are your most trusted marketing asset.

Your Own Employees are Your Best Marketing Channel

  • A worldwide study by Nielsen found out that 83% of people trust recommendations from the people they know¹.
  • Only 46% of people trust on paid advertising in social media¹.
  • Organic reach in social media is in decline, it is expensive, and its reach is limited².
  • Content shared by your employees and other people in social media will not be blocked by ad blockers. A study by Kantar TNS found out that 20% of people aged 16-34 are using ad blocking tools³.

Traditional employee advocacy tools are ideal for expert organizations and sales teams, but it is difficult (and expensive) to reach bigger audiences with them. Our employee advocacy solution works best with your existing intranet (SharePoint, WordPress, etc.). The integration allows our solution to be in the center of your daily communication activities. It can also be used as a standalone service or a hybrid of these two.

This allows non-office employees, like production and in-store customer service people to take part in employee advocacy activities. Our solution can also act as a lightweight intranet for the non-office staff.

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An Organization with 1000 Employees Can Reach Up to 94758 Facebook Users.
An Organization with 10,000 employees Can Reach Up to 947 583 Facebook Users.

eeedo allows companies to increase their social media reach through employee advocacy. Delivering blog articles, social media updates and job advertisements to a single feed in, where employees can easily share them with one click on their social media accounts, can even be more effective than paid marketing.

Organic reach of a Facebook post by a Facebook page can be as little as 2% of the people who like the Facebook page¹. On the other hand, a post by a Facebook user reaches 35% of his/hers friends on average².

The Facebook penetration in the European Union is 80,1%¹. By average, a Facebook user has 338 Facebook friends and a post by he/she reaches 35% of his/hers Facebook contacts.

An example for organization with 1000 employees:

1000 * 80,1 % * 338 * 35 % = ~ 94758

Organic reach potential 94 758 Facebook users.

eeedo's employee advocacy SaaS solution.

Be Data-driven with Employee Advocacy Analytics

Automatically generated user or team specific UTM links allow the tracking of the impact of individual shares. You can see how much sales is generated through the shares via your website’s web analytics (for example, Google Analtyics, Mixpanel and Kissmetrics). Our analytics software gives insights what happens before an employee will share a link.

Our large-scale employee advocacy and social selling software works hand in hand with our 100% employee reach solution. This allows your non-office employees to receive important content from your intranet if they don’t have access to it. Read more about our 100% reach solution.

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