Privacy Policy

Who is processing your information

eeedo oy
Hämeenkatu 13a
33100 Tampere, Finland

Contact peson

Arttu Kalli

Whose information we process
Potential customers
Website users
Service users

Information we process
We only process information that you provide to us, for example:

Telephone number
Email address
Employer / Company
Role / Title
IP address

Why we process your information
Customer Relationship Management
Product development and improvement of our products

Where we get the information
Customer information will be obtained with the customer’s consent or provided by the customer’s contact person.

Who else is processing your information

How long we process your information
As a general rule, we will process your information as long as the customer agreement for which we need the information is valid.

In principle, personal information is retained for marketing purposes for a year after which we delete the information.

Your rights
The right of inspection
of opposition
Direct marketing ban
Right of appeal

How we protect your information
Protecting your Internet connection (https / TLS encryption)
We use a firewall
Encrypting data (encryption)
We restrict access to the register to those who need it
We commit ourselves to securing personnel


This is a combined Privacy Statement for eeedo oy clients, potential clients and website users in accordance with Articles 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and Articles 12 and 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016).

1. The Registrar

eeedo oy
Hämeenkatu 13A
33100 Tampere, Finland

Arttu Kalli
Managing director

2. Registered

Customers (contact persons)
Potential customers
Website users
Service users

3. Purpose and rationale for the processing of personal data

Registered Purpose of processing Purpose of processing
Customers (contact persons) – Enabling customer service and maintaining customer relationships. – The legitimate interest of the controller
Potential Customers and Website Users – Contact requests and information and material requests through the Website. – The legitimate interest of the controller

4. Information to be stored in the register

The following information may be stored in the register:

Information Intended Use
Name Personalization / Communication
Phone number Contact
Email Address Contact
Employer / Company Customer Relationship Management / Marketing Targeting
Role / Title Customer Relationship Management / Marketing Targeting
IP Address Marketing Targeting and Service Development

5. Duration of treatment

As a general rule, personal data will be processed for as long as the customer agreement for which we need the data is valid. We record the information in the register as we obtain it from the data subject and update it according to what the data subject informs the controller.

The form information submitted to us will be automatically deleted after one year from submission. We remove unnecessary personal information from our customer and marketing records every year. You can remove yourself from our email marketing list by following the instructions in each of the marketing emails we send.

6. Your rights

You have the following rights, which you must apply to:

The right of inspection

You have the right to verify the personal information we store about you. If you discover any inaccuracies or omissions in your information, you may ask us to correct or complete the information.

of opposition

You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data if you feel that we have unlawfully processed your personal data or that we have no right to process some of your personal data.

Direct marketing ban

You have the right at any time to prohibit us from using your information for direct marketing. We will never sell or otherwise divulge your personal information to anyone else in order for them to direct marketing to you.

We make use of online advertising for example. Facebook and Google. However, these companies will never receive your personal information and such advertising is not about direct marketing. See Cookies for details.


If you feel that processing some of the information about you is unnecessary for our tasks, you have the right to ask us to delete that information. We will process your request, after which we will either delete your information or give you a reason for not deleting it. If you disagree with our decision, you have the right to appeal to the Data Protection Officer. You also have the right to request that we restrict the processing of disputed information until such time as it is resolved.

Right of appeal

You have the right to complain to the Data Protection Officer if you feel that we