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    Platform for tailored large-scale internal and external communication solutions with a 100 % audience reach.

Engaging way to reach ALL your employees, enable organisation-wide employee advocacy & social selling, and collect employee feedback & tacit knowledge.

Reach non-office workers

Traditional enterprise communication solutions and software are made for office workers. This widens the communication gap between white-collar and blue&pink-collar workers. Still, 60% of workers in industrialized countries are non-desk workers.

Large-scale social selling & employee advocacy

Traditional employee advocacy software is great for small expert organizations and sales teams, but organization-wide deployment often falls flat since it’s not part of the internal communication process. Our solution is designed to be a key part of the internal communication process.

Collect feedback and tacit knowledge

Your employees’ knowledge is one of the biggest assets for your company and you should enrich it. Our solution uses gamification and crowdsourcing to collect and handle the feedback and tips your employees share.

eeedo's employee communication and social selling app

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Engage Your Employees

Crowdsourcing the feedback process

Our solution offers a fast and effective tools to engage all your employees. Collect & share feedback and ideas organization-wide. The crowdsourcing and gamification of the feedback process reduce administrative work, saves money and allows good ideas & tips to spread company-wide.



Encourage your employees to share their tips by introducing leaderboards, employee affiliate programs and competitions. When your employees have a real incentive participate, they are happy to do so.

Employee engagement software

Enable Large-Scale Employee Advocacy and Social Selling in your organization

The Untapped Opportunity

Use our solution to enable employee advocacy and social selling in your organization. For instance, share your best content first with your employees and encourage them to share it on their social media accounts. Your employees combined social media reach is a lot bigger than your brand’s, and your message will have more credibility through their social media accounts.

Organic Reach is in Decline

For example, the average organic reach of a Facebook page posts can be as low as 2%. On the other hand, a share by a Facebook user reaches 35% of his/hers friends on average. According to Nielsen, people trust more recommendations by their friends than any other form of advertising. 12% increase in brand advocacy doubles revenue growth, according to a study by the National Business Research Institute.

eeedo's employee communication and social selling app

Social Recruiting

Attracting top talent to your company is not easy. Let your staff know what kind of talent are you looking for. Your employees’ social connections outmatch any recruiting agency in size and quality.

Measure and be Data-driven

Use your own web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics etc.) to rigorously analyze the impact in your traffic and conversions. We create unique UTM links for every employee to track how impactful their shares are. Optionally, you can track the sharing on department or location level.

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