• Rolling Stock Maintenance Management

    Keep track of maintenance information of your locomotives, railroad cars, and other equipment & machinery with our cloud-based rolling stock maintenance solution.

Keep Rolling Stock Maintenance Tasks Under Control

  • Pre-drive checks and daily inspections for locomotives, special wagons, rail track maintenance machines, track laying machines, tamping machines, subway trains and trams.
  • Report technical problems from the field to the in-house maintenance or directly to your maintenance partners.
  • Automate maintenance checks at certain time or mileage intervals.
  • Break down the information barriers between drivers, operators, management and maintenance. Everyone can see the current status of a vehicle, reported defects, and what maintenance operations are already done and planned.
  • Utilize collected data to forecast costs and improve efficiency.
  • Our software is hosted on ISO 27018 certificated data centers and all data transfers are protected with secure 256-bit TLS/SSL encryption.
Locomotive daily inspection checklist on a mobile phone

Improve Information Flow Between Train Operators and Maintenance

eeedo brings rolling stock maintenance management to the 21st century with modern user experience and mobile support.

  • Improve information flow between operators, maintenance and management.
  • Manage maintenance queues and call vehicles to service automatically when a serious defect is reported from the field.
  • Direct messages and notifications to a certain locomotive, engine model, make
Pre-drive check software as a service

Reduce Maintenance Times and Improve Efficiency

  • Clear and rigorous reporting on defects, deficiencies, near miss incidents, work accidents, and other observations.
  • Can be used with bi-directional SMSs & MMSs, multi-OS mobile applications and in a browser with a computer.
  • Defects and deficiencies reported by drivers & operators are automatically sent to maintenance task lists based on the priority of the vehicle and seriousness of the defect.
  • Maintenance staff can ask for more information directly from the operator who reported the problem.
  • Every step is logged for later analysis to help improve the process.
Locomotive maintenance SMS notification
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