The IT Department has an Enormous Role in Employee Orientation and Onboarding

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The onboarding of new employees can be a time-consuming process. New employees have their unique personalities and needs, but most of the mundane IT and administrative task concerning new employees are the same despite the employees upcoming role in the organization. For example, registering new accounts and profiles to various systems, adding user privileges, and sharing contact and payment details to HR and payroll systems.

Unfortunately, these processes usually employ more than one person and include an abundance of overlapping work – for instance, adding the same contact information to different systems manually. All this information could be shared to all systems with a single form. The information could be automatically imported to payroll & HR systems, company intranet, and to Active Directory. When the new employee comes to work for the first day, he or she could start working immediately, rather than wait for the IT & HR to sort out the user accounts and user privileges. Unless ‘waiting for others’ is an essential part of his or her job description.

When an employee leaves the company, it is also important to know what licenses and user privileges the employee had and how can you ensure that those accounts and subscriptions are cancelled. The most convenient way to manage these accounts and licenses is to have them in a single easy-to-use system. Since the IT, HR and payroll systems are rarely connected out of the box, it may cause repeated manual input of the same information. Even when an employee moves from one department (or office) to another, it may cause trouble since some of the user privileges may chance while others won’t. This may cause that the information is not up to date in every single system.

It is also possible that managers may forget to inform all required people about the changes if the process is too complicated. New employee profiles, changes in employment, and new user accounts should be made possible to manage by the managers so that the IT and other administrative staff can only validate and accept the requests made by them to save time and effort.

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