TOP 5 Reasons for SMEs to Go to the Cloud

Top 5 Reasons for SMEs to Go the Cloud

Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index of 2015 shows that companies which are implementing technologies like big data, cloud mobility and security are growing 50% faster than companies who neglect these opportunities. Most large businesses and organizations successfully run their own private clouds, but that is not possible for the majority of SMEs. Here are five reasons why SMEs should go to the cloud now.

1.      Mobile Access

Work is becoming more and more mobile, and it makes it imperative to organizations that their systems are accessible with mobile devices. Frankly, accessing your company network drive via VPN can be quite awkward and slow. Often the required files are not even the top secret type so it would make sense to make them easily and securely accessible with mobile devices.

2.      Scalability and Cost Savings

Fast-growing organizations have to deal with scaling in every aspect. Scaling up human capital is hard, but scaling up technology should not be. Scaling up your private cloud can be expensive and time-consuming and therefore can slow your growth. As the IT-infrastructure grows, more problems and security issues will arise. Cloud hosted business applications come with a high level of security and often 24hr support. You do not need to plan the upgrades (or downgrades) to your system ahead since you can buy more computing power or disk space in almost real time. Some companies even offer “pay as you go” subscription models where you pay only for the disk space and computing power you actually use. Forrester’s research on cloud technologies estimated 42 percent return on investment over five years’ time.

3.      Bring Your Own Device Culture

As the BYOD is becoming a standard in many organizations, it is easier to use universal cloud applications rather than support six different operating systems and mobile platforms. The savings on operating expenses can be significant since you can save on both software and hardware. Your IT-team is also freed from the hassle of updating and upgrading the systems and software since the updates are delivered automatically through the cloud and the users take care of the hardware upgrades themselves.

4.      Flexibility Boosts Collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration and file sharing applications allow employees to work from anywhere anytime. All they need is a device with an internet connection. To work together, you don’t need to be in the same room anymore. You can be in the next room or on another continent; physical location doesn’t make any difference anymore.

Document control is made easier with cloud apps. You can have people working on a project in different time zones. With cloud-based document management, all files are centrally stored and everybody has the latest file version at hand. Also, all communication and discussion on the files and work is always in reach in real-time for everyone.

5.      Security

Despite the long list of data breaches in Wikipedia, many experts have stated that using cloud services which are intended for business use can be safer than your on-premises servers. For example, it is basically impossible to physically access or even locate data stored on secure cloud servers. Most of the recent data breaches have been targeted on consumer services, like hacking of Apple’s iCloud in 2014 (which actually was social engineering rather than the speculated brute-force password-hacking attack).

A lot bigger risk is that one of your employees accidentally infects your local network with ransomware when he or she falls victim of an email phishing attack. When all of your data is encrypted by a hacker who is demanding $3.7 million in Bitcoins to decrypt your files, you probably wish your data was stored and backed up in the cloud.

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