• Visual Team Task Management

    eeedo visual task management is great for companies, expert groups, research groups and other teams that can have both internal and external users.

Agile Tools for Agile Teams

See everything that is going on with your project through eeedo’s visual team task management tools. These tools create simpler and more efficient project and task management by visually organizing and displaying project information so you can catch up on the status of your project in a single glance.

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Powerful Search & Tagging

Our visual task management includes a smart tagging system that only displays tasks and information in your personal feed that are relevant to you. In addition, our tag cloud and search capabilities allow you to instantly access any information that is related to your chosen tags and topics, instead of forcing you to sift through emails, files, folders, and documents. They can even locate information buried inside attached files.

eeedo also helps you to accurately visualize how tasks fit into the project as a whole by allowing you to sort tasks according to people and topics. By doing so, you can also quickly determine which tasks each member of your team is working on and keep your knowledge of the project and of the status of your tasks up to date. At the same time, information and files with their versions clearly labeled are stored securely and reliably for you to view whenever you need to.

eeedo social intranet's built-in team task management Kanban view

Visual team task management features:

  • Visual task management for project tasks
  • Messages and microblogs for clearer communication
  • Wiki style information pages, polls, profile pages
  • Powerful, real-time search capabilities
  • People directory that can be searched by specific skills
  • Smart tagging and smart filtering of information
  • Comment ability on all content
  • Reminders, notifications, and email digests
  • Control of file revisions
  • Usage statistics
  • Bidirectional SMS, Mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows phones
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